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Thank you for honoring my site with your award. I appreciate your time to review my site. It is a honor. Thank you!



Bills World Award
Site Closed
Non Rated

Award #128

Bills World Of Excellence

Thank You Bill

award budda
Non Rated

Award # 129

Pyramides De Cholula Award

Thank You Alain

jeff hobrath award
Non Rated

Award # 130

The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio.

Site Closed

Thank You Jeff

Zetas award
Non Rated

Award # 131

Award Of Excellence.

Thank You Ake

gold jewel award
Rating: AS!2.5

Award # 132

Golden Jewel

*Site not available

Thank You JerryD's

homepage creativity award
Non Rated

Award # 133

Homepage Creativity Award

Thank you Lady Socrates

*Site no longer available

spider award

Award # 134

Top Ten Award

The Spider Award is meant to recognize those sites and individuals that achieve Top Ten ranking with the major search engines through ethical and professional search engine optimization strategies.

In and of itself, and because measurable tests are run to validate winners, the Spider Food Award is possibly one of the most objectively based awards on the Internet. That also makes it one of the hardest to achieve

Site Closed

Thank you J K Bowman

Naval award
Non Rated-Site closed

Award # 135

Naval Award Of Excellence. Non Rated

It is the first time this award has been given to any site. It is dedicated to my uncle, Quartermaster John Fillinger, USN who was killed while serving in USS Brimingham (CL-62) on May 4th, 1945 at the battle of Okinawa. The award is reserved only for those sites which make a significant, worthwhile contribution to naval history and naval service on the world-wide web. Congratulations on being the first!
Thank You Dave! My dad would have been so proud..

Thank You Dave


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