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Frank and Jeannette Hoeffer


Dad and Mom were married August 6, 1938, after a short 3 week courtship. Mom was 18 and Dad was 24. Little did they know at the time how their life would be turned upside down. Dad had already been in the Navy for 7 years before he met Mom. Dad was stationed at New London, Connecticut. In February of 1939, they got the wonderful news that Mom was going to have a baby (my sister Valerie). In August of 1939, their first-year anniversary. They were so happy!

Dad was given duty of 16 weeks of instructions for submarine school. This was his dream, to be on a submarine. He got orders after the 16 weeks to report to the San Diego Destroyer Base for duty. He was assigned to submarine duty Asiatic fleet.

Mom could not go with him as it was the custom in the pre-war Navy that the dependents could not be together unless an enlisted man was a 2nd class petty officer or above. Promotions were difficult to obtain and Dad would study for 2nd class as hard as he could, as he wanted his wife to be with him. Mom was scared and pregnant with my sister. She had no idea that it would be 5 years before she would see him again .

After arrival in San Diego, CA, Dad was reassigned to the USS Oahu, PR6. Duty would be Shanghai, China; River Patrol Duty Home Port, alternating to the ship USS Luzon every 4 months to Hankow, China.

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