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My Reflections Award Of Excellence

Purpose of Award Program

My Reflections award would like to recognize all the Webmasters, and Webmistresses who have put hours of hard work into making a winning site.

After visiting many sites, and understanding myself all the work involved, I would like to give you my award of excellence, and let you know, that "you earned this"!

The purpose of My Reflections Awards Program is to recognize Websites that show hard work and dedication by the webmaster.

My award program is also to award those Webmasters for making the World Wide Web an enjoyable and better experience for us all. I spend countless hours and dedicate time and effort maintaining and reviewing websites. My goal is to reward only the best and to help make the Internet a better place.

Design and content are very much important in my review process.

Who Should Apply

My Reflections Award Program was created for Webmasters and Designers who obviously spend a lot of time building and creating their sites, and to be rewarded for all their work of making the WWW a better place to visit.

My award program has been around for over 9 years and I feel if you have won my award then you should be very proud to know that your site shines above the rest.

I will evaluate your site on my criteria. My award is not just given out to anyone. You must meet all the criteria and show me you are very serious about all your work and making a Website that stands out from the rest.

If you would like me to evaluate your website according to these rules, you are more than welcome to submit your Website.

Please read through to see if your website qualifies for my award, please read my criteria.

Thank you and good luck to everyone that applies.


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