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My Reflections Award Of Excellence

1999 Silver Award Winners



These sites have won my award under old criteria. Please feel free to re-apply for my upgraded awards program. If you have won my award, and don't see your name here, please let me know. A few of these links no longer work. If yours is among them, please let me know if you have changed your URL address

Closed-*THE ABBA__Seal Of Music
Closed-*Creations, Art Of A New Age
Closed-*Movimento Sociale Fiamma Triolore
*The Game Puppet Closed-*Christina On Web
Closed-*Ricks 'Ritings
Closed-*Pharos World Closed-*The Jackson Family
Closed-*Kar_Moo's WebPage
*Rod 758 Website
Closed-*Stone Angel
Closed-*History Of Rochester, N H *Jonathans Corner
Closed-*Massachusetts Turtle Rescue
Closed-*ASCII By Lorie * Garrett Ranch
Closed-*Killgore's Home Closed-*Seasons Of Change
Closed-*Cybernetic Seashores
Closed-*Southern Nytes-Site Closed-*Dee Utimate Links Closed-*Whispering Spirits
Closed-*Steve sanderfer- Songwriter & Poet
Closed-*Adverts 4 All
Closed-*Liberty Music
Closed-*Justin's Ohio Finds
Closed-*Dark Prophecy And Sacred Lands
Closed-*Yaohanland Site Closed-*Inspirational Odysseys
Closed-*Brujah Haven
Closed-*Korea Award. -Closed-*Uruguay-Site



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