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Department of the Navy

USS Ranger CVA 61

Welcome Aboard

It is said that when you leave the Navy, you will miss it and being aboard ship. Well my Dad got a second chance. I can only tell you he was in heaven! Dad flew to Hawaii and spent 1 week aboard the Ranger. The first thing they did was issue him Navy blue jeans, Navy ball cap, and Navy shirt.

Talking to all the men about his experiences of when he was in the Navy, was a thrill for him. Also to be aboard a large ship that was so different then when he was on a PT Boat.

In his handbook that they gave everyone it says" Welcome aboard the "Top Gun of the Pacific Fleet." You are about to embark upon a unique adventure, one i trust each of you will truly enjoy. We are proud of our ship and it is our desire that debarking you will share this feeling and carry fond memories of your time on board.

J.L. Nicholson

Captain, U.S. Navy

Commanding officer

End of Cruise-Hawaii to San Diego- 2686 miles

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