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The Gold award is for outstanding sites, that have gone the extra mile, and I am amazed by how they have made it. This site has something that makes me say WOW, FANTASTIC! A true web Master! This is my top award and will be presented to sites that have true comprehensive knowledge of design, content and artistic talent.This is harder to win, but not impossible. Must also have had your site for at least 2 years.Points to achieve this award 96-100

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The Silver award will be given to sites, that are a cut above the rest, but may have a few small mistakes, that I will take in consideration. I Still would like to be impressed by your hard work.Points to achieve this award 86-95

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The Bronze award will be given to sites that don't meet all the criteria of the Gold and Silver criteria. These sites have shown commitment, and effort, and deserve a bronze award from me.Points to achieve this award 70-85



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