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My Reflections Award Of Excellence


Upon receipt of your application, I will visit your Website to check to see if you have the basic required elements or if there is anything that would cause immediate disqualification.

Sites which meet all of the basic requirements will then be viewed again the following day, using the My Reflections criteria.

You must have had your site for at least 2 years to receive a higher rating from me. It shows me that you have been serious about keeping your awards that you have received from Award Programs.

All applications will be added to my status page and you will be sent an e-mail with your site number so that you may check your status.

The winner will be removed from the Status Page and will be added on the Winner's List.

Only those sites that are presented with an award will be notified, Feedback will be given when requested.(please note that not everyone who applies for an award will receive one). Depending on volume of submissions please allow 3 weeks for a response. If you do not receive an award you may re-apply at least 90 days after the original application, if changes have been made to your site. Please make note of the date you applied for your records.


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