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My Reflections Award Of Excellence


My Reflections Awards Program uses the following areas when evaluating your site during your site evaluation.

Content and Design

Easy and consistent navigation : 10 points,

Consistent layout :10 points

Interesting theme, and pleasant color scheme throughout the site:15 points

Content: 30 points

Good language, correct spelling and grammar: 8 points

The general content is high-leveled, educational, family friendly and teaches the visitor something new: 15 points

Site is updated at least once a month: 4 points

Easy readable and understandable content:3 points

Total maximum points you can achieve = 100 points

Scores Required To Win my Award

To win the Gold Award--96 to 100 points

To win the Silver Award--86 to 95 points

To win the Bronze Award--70 to 85 points

0 to 69 points does not qualify for my awards.


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