Please take this selftest . This is a way to win my award when you are able to check all boxes. If corrections are needed this will be a way to see what needs corrected before you apply. .


Check this if: Your site has a translator if it's not English

Check this if:No password is required to enter site.

Check this if:: No violence, racism or any form of pornography, violence, child abuse, animal abuse, hate, politics, racism or illegal activities are present.

Check this if: your site has at least 10 pages of real content.

Check this if: Have a special awards page where you display the awards won.

Check this if: You have your pages on the same server.

Check this if: You have read all the criteria..

Please allow up to 3 weeks for a response after applying for one of my awards. If you do not win one of my awards please do not get discouraged. If after a 3 month time period you make significant changes to your site, please feel free to re-apply.

By submitting your application to My Reflections Awards you agree to allow me to post the status/winning URL/screenshot on my winners page. Please see Privacy Statement.

If you were not able to check all checkboxes above it might be a good idea to re-read my criteria and disqualifiers again.

If you are ready to apply please click on application.Good luck!



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