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My Reflections Award Of Excellence

2000-2004 Silver Winners



Please feel free to re-apply for my upgraded awards program. If you have won our award, and don't see your name here, please let me know. A few of these links no longer work. If yours is among them, please let me know if you have changed your URL address

Please Visit These Wonderful Sites That Have Won My Award.


*Rodolfo Lisi-Site Closed *Gene And Linda G's-Closed *Motown Flash-Closed
Daytona Beach Know It All-Closed *Dixie's Full Lenght Wavs-Closed Prescott High
Empty JerryD's Music Site Dakota Ridge Weim-Closed
Department of Pediatrics, Beatrix Children Hospital Felix Bongers-Site Closed The Best Of Matt Damon-Closed
*The Bicycling Guitarist ELAC Auctioneers & Appraisers, LLC-Site Closed *Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle-Closed
*bopcats *Christine & Family's Homepage -Site Closed *EUROMANIA-Closed
*Texas Precancel Club Doc Jim's Help Page!-Closed *Ester Brohus-Closed
*Parrots Horse Chat-Site Closed *Sgt Pleiku's Place-Site Closed *The Weekly Muse-Closed
*Woo's Wonder World of Pooh-Site Closed *Heppo World *MedAfford-Closed
The Poetry of J. D. Nelson-Site Closed New York Missing Persons-Site Closed *Almodarr's
* World War II history-Site-Closed *Osgoode Hall *Northwest Equipment Sales & Service, Inc.-Closed
*Sensibility-Closed *Penmarric Cornish Rex-Closed *Doc Jim's Help Site-Site Closed
*Jaffrey Police Department *Poetry for all of the family Britfeld Weimaraners
Empty Empty Empty



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