If you are thinking about starting your own Awards Program, this is a collection of sites, linked by permission, that will answer any question, or assistance you require.



AwardStat(TM) at smokin.kvrr.net AwardStat is offered   to  easily post award statistics on your Website-Closed Webmonkey is a free, public resource for web developers. Builders, designers and programmers like you  the people who know best  write the articles, tutorials, code snippets and other contributions.Website design, promotion, programming and revenue makingYou will find everything from free webspace to host your site to graphics, programs and applets that will help you make it look nice.
How about adding a live updated weather forecasts to your site? 
Or a Poll, Guestbook and a User Forum?.You find it all here - and best of all: Free!THE LARGEST WEB DEVELOPER SITE ON THE NET
Full Web Building Tutorials- ALL FREE!Good-Tutorials is the largest source of tutorials on the web today. It has been featured on the BBC, SkyNews, TechTV (now G4), in the British magazine iCreate, PC World, and has been linked to by thousands of sites, blogs and forums. Since its start in 2002, it has been designed, coded, and loved by Zach Holman

Hello, and welcome to Lissa Explains it All, the first and original HTML Help JUST for Kids. We've been online now for over 10 years!!!!! Lissa Explains it All is a colorful and fun approach to learning HTML for Kids and the young at heart. With this tutorial, kids and beginners learn step by step how to make their own Web page and publish it on the WWW. For the more advanced, .htaccess files, installing perl scripts and much more is covered.

United Web Site Award Givers is a concept which began in 2001, whereby those who offer website awards and the web site owner or designer seeking an award could be part of the same community.  This joint effort for excellence in web design has allowed for a large group of men and women who have devoted a great deal of their time for superior web design in all aspects. A Web Development Tutorial and Information SiteIf you're looking for some of the best free java applets, you've come to the right place. Here you will find some awesome graphics effect applets created to be visually appealing. 
It's all FREE! We offer the WebTV/MSNTV/MSNTV2* and PC communities quality Web-Hosting service with our own webservers hosted on a FAST OC3 Internet connection in a local facility close to our home in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We have ALWAYS owned our own webservers so that we have full control over them.

The awards in these pages have been selected by Website Awards as the Top Awards in the world. They earned this distinction by being widely recognized among webmasters as the best awards in their country of origin and by having very high standards. They are the elite awards, and they are very difficult to win. Out of thousands of applications, only a few sites are selected to receive them. If your website wins any of these awards, then it truly is one of the best!-Closed

Learn HTML and CSS
BoogieJack.com is an HTML help site featuring standards-based HTML tutorials, CSS tutorials and other website design help and resources. 
Website Design Tutorials
Featuring up-to-date HTML and CSS code tutorials, as well as JavaScript tricks, reference charts, web design articles and more



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